100% natural fragrances

 Let nature take care of your mood.

Welcome to N.A.& ETHIC, the home of luxury aromatherapy candles, hand-poured in the UK.

Our mission is to harness the power of nature to enhance your mood and wellbeing. Our luxury essential oil candles blend pure rapeseed and coconut wax with 100% natural fragrances. Discover the transformative benefits of aromatherapy in the comfort of your home with our unique collection.


"This is the best candle I have ever bought! It smells amazing and it burns evenly with no black soot at all."

Julie Shaw

(01/05/2022 via Okendo)

Not all candles are created equal! At N.A. & ETHIC we don't use any synthetic fragrances or petrol based waxes. Each natural candle is constructed from a signature blend of pure rapeseed and coconut wax, pure essential oils and an unbleached cotton wick. We don't use any other ingredients.

best candle


Handmade candle. Hand poured by us in London. Hand packed and dispatched by us.


Every candle & wax melt is handmade in the UK, by us, from scratch. We melt the wax in our London studio and hand blend it with essential oils. They are poured by hand one by one, each given as much attention to detail as the next. We also hand pack all products and dispatch them ourselves across the UK. 

100% vegan and free from animal derived ingredients. Plant based candles

100% natural

Not a synthetic ingredient in sight, our products are 100% synthetic free. Everything has come from nature. Our wax melt packaging as well as courier packaging are all either recyclable or biodegradable.

Aromatherapy. Aromatherapeutic candles made from natural pure essential oils.


The majority of so called 'natural candles' use a plant based natural wax but they also use synthetic fragrance oils. We utilise the benefits of aromatherapy by only using precious essential oils for fragrance. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our number 1 priority is your happiness and so trying our products should be a risk-free experience. That's why we offer a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of receiving your candles - no questions asked. If you don't absolutely love our candles you can send them back to us for free and get a full refund! After spending thousands of hours developing our range of natural candles, and testing all others on the market, we stand by our products 100%.



BUY 2 GET 1 FREE - SAVE £30 

Add 3 of any of our full size candles to your cart & 1 will be free! Making each candle £20 that's a £30 saving in total, not to mention that shipping will also be FREE!

BUY 3 GET 2 FREE - SAVE £60 

Add 5 of any of our full size candles to your cart & 2 will be free! Making each candle just £18 that's a £60 saving in total! We'll also ship them to you for FREE!

Free delivery and free returns


We offer free standard delivery on all orders over £40. All deliveries are tracked and dispatched from our studio in London. 

100% vegan and free from animal derived ingredients. Plant based candles


Our candles are 100% vegan and cruelty free. They don't contain any beeswax or any other animal derived ingredients. 

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Childhood past time turned full time passion project

We created N.A.& ETHIC
to bring the power of nature into peoples homes

I always loved the ritual of lighting a candle at home and instantly making it cosier. The flicker of candlelight produces an ambience that can’t be replicated. Unfortunately, I found it hard to find a candle that didn’t give me a headache while burning it. It was only after diving deeper into my ‘Candle Related Research’ that I learned why!

The word 'fragrance' can refer to thousands of chemicals used to make up a complex aroma  

Scents like 'pumpkin spice' are produced using synthetic petrochemicals derived from crude oil that carry carcinogens and have reproductive toxicity warnings.  

N.A. & ETHIC key features 

Fragrance from 100% pure essential oils that have been extracted from nature.  

Hand poured in England by our artisan team.

No synthetic ingredients!

Signature blend of biodegradable rapeseed & coconut waxes.

Up to 50 hours burn time.

Our Process

We work mainly with rapeseed wax, but also a little bit of coconut. Into the melting tank it goes and it's slowly melted into a golden liquid over several hours. Next we add the oils, but only when the wax is at just the right temperature. The wax is poured into our preheated jars after several minutes of stirring and it's now that the wick is centred just as the candles are left to cool overnight. The candles are then packaged and left to cure for at least two weeks. Making sure that all of those essential oils disperse evenly throughout the wax before it arrives with a customer.

Luxury natural aromatherapy essential oil scented candle, handmade from biodegradable plant based rapeseed and coconut wax and pure essential oils. Candle perfect for meditation and relaxation. Used for spa massage and improving wellbeing. Hand-poured in the UK. Toxin free. Premium black glossy glass jar.

Heard of Essential Oils?

Where do essential oils come from? Well, they are actually concentrated liquids extracted from leaves, berries, seeds, tree bark, resins, wood, fruits and flowers. For thousands of years people have used these precious oils for their healing properties, as well as their incredible scents. Pure essential oil will start to evaporate even at room temperature which is where aromatherapy can help with enhancing emotional healing. Inhaling these tiny particles affects the nerves in the nose which are connected to the part of the brain for emotion.

Pure aromatherapy grade essential oils

Clean candles that trust in nature.

Wax from plants and cold pressed coconuts | fragrance only from pure plant essences | wick made from cotton.
Keep toxins out of your home. We're very careful of what we allow into our candles. If it isn't natural, it doesn't get in. All of our candles are made with 100% plant based ingredients. 


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